neophyte \NEE-uh-fyt\, noun:
1. A new convert or proselyte.
2. A novice; a beginner in anything.
3. A n00b.

Blogger In Draft
Blogger's testing a variable set of new features. You can only try them if you post your entries via Blogger in Draft. I've tested its 'Scheduled Post Publishing' and it worked. Coolness! I can now write as many entry as I fancy in advance and then schedule it to post in the future. That way, it's guaranteed that my blog will be updated daily, instead of how it is now.

There are times when I have lots of things to write about and had time to write about them. I then create multiple entries on that day, but put them as drafts to be posted later. The problem is, I am only able to post them whenever I get the chance to be online, which is not as often as it used to be. With 'Scheduled Publishing', it'll help me a lot.

One extra star for Blogger! I'm sure glad I moved back here. Hehe.

There are other features they're testing out now which you can take a look at (and try them out) when you login using Check out their blog here to learn more about them.

Cash Is King
I took a day off from work last Friday. Partly to attend Mira's Parents-Teachers Meet, check out THE school, as well as to sort out some banking matters.

The meeting with Mira's teacher went well. She said Mira's very quiet in class and hardly speaks to her. Just recently she started to speak up by calling her 'Teacher Amma'. The teacher's proper name is Uma. Lol. The teacher's happy nonetheless, because it means Mira's warming up to her.

Mira's very playful in class, too, especially when she sits together with her set of friends. They had to be separated in class because no work get done if they sit together. The teacher said there was this one fine day when the four of them went downstairs to play and came back soaking wet!

She's close to Xing Yee, a brawny and tough girl in her class. I cannot imagine it, seeing how timid Mira is. Lol.

After meeting with her teacher, I drove to THE school for my appointment. Those who knew me knows how much I revered THE school. I wish to send Mira to that school once she start her primary. Well, that was the plan anyway...

THE school has extensive facilities, teaches a year advance syllabus, 100% passes in major exams and reminded me much of how my old school operates. When I spoke to them last year, their fees are reasonable enough for us. However, starting from next year, they'll start to increase their fees (like major jump!) and when it comes to Mira's year, it'll become too expensive for us :(

So there goes my dream. Unless I win a lottery or money falling down from the sky or something.

Speaking of money, I'm a little bit worried about my TOM. I wonder if I have enough time to save up to my goal amount. I only have 240 days left. So far, I only managed to save so much and so so much more to go. Yikes! Maybe I need to increase the daily amount?

Or maybe not. Let's wait and see how I fare in 3 months.

I've reactivated my eBay reseller account today. Not sure what is it that I wanna sell though. Lol.