Outdoor Games and Activities for Toddlers

by Kara Kelso

It's a beautiful day and your toddler or preschooler is begging to go outside. What to do when you get out? Here's some simple ideas:

Walk to Park
The walk alone is enough to keep them busy. When you there, of course they'll even have more to do. It's a great time for you to relax a bit and enjoy the day, keeping an eye on them while they bounce from one activity to the other.

Play Fresbie
If you have a small backyard, you might need to go to the park to do this. However, if your yard is big enough this is a simple activity you can do at home.

Another possible at home activity if your yard is big enough. All you really need is some cheap baseball equiptment (plastic ball, plastic bat) for younger children.

Walk around neighboorhood
There's many interesting things to do while walking around the neighboorhood. You can count the animals and birds you see, count certain colored cars or house, or any number of fun games.

Pool Time
If it's a nice enough day, you can either fill up the kiddie pool in the backyard, or head to the local public pool. Either way it's sure to please the kids!

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