Scheduled Time

Growing up, whenever I play too much instead of studying, my dad will use this line on me, 'A ship without its Captain sails aimlessly'. He'll teach me how to create a timetable for myself and urge me to set up one for the week. Being rebellious, I put it up and not follow. Heehee.

But scheduling does help, especially when, like me, you have too many interest to look into for your own good. I noticed whenever I do not have a schedule, I feel tired, stressed and unhappy because I couldn't find the time to do what I want to do. You'll hear me complaining on how short my time at home are on weekdays or how I wish I have more time so I could do many things, etc.

It's all about life balance -- between work, your loved ones, your own free time and other commitments.

After weeks of not having a schedule, I started a new one over the weekend. I use Google Calendar to do this; paper ones bores me. Lol. One good thing about the calendar is you can send a reminder to your mobile via SMS.

I am happy to report that my life has been much easier and simpler to manage ;)