Sushi Overload

I'm such a glutton. I shouldn't complain how fat I've become now, really. It's all my fault! Lol.

Daisy told me last month about Sushi King's RM2 Members Bonanza promotion that runs from 7th to 10th of April. Thus, on Monday the both of us went trotting down to the nearest Sushi King restaurant here in MV to gobble up yummy sushi for lunch.

I had 9 plates of sushi, mostly Sake and a couple of Unagi, which normally costs for RM4 and RM6 per plate respectively. My total only came up to only RM20.70!

Tuesday morning on the way to work, I suddenly had an urge to have sushi again for lunch. Daisy was not up for it, so I SMS-ed this other friend of mine whom I know loves sushi (and good food) as much as I do.

But alas, MC had to cancel our date at the last minute due to work.

In the end, I went there alone, ate 10 plates of sushi (and this time I only pick Sake and Unagi), and came back to the office smiling and satisfied. Thanks to Daisy for letting me use her member card.