This Morning...

I missed my daily dosage of Sausage McMuffin yesterday. Boohoo. I had an errand to run at the US Embassy for my boss, so I went there first thing in the morning. No McD's drive-thru can be found along the way :p

Hence this morning, with great anticipation I drove up to my usual drive-thru on the way to work for my breakfast. But alas! They ran out of Sausage McMuffin, apparently due to the enormous response they get from those free coupons promotion that's going on now.

HOW CAN??? -_-

The guy at the order window said they're not serving breakfast today but I can order their normal menu instead. I just told him "No, thanks.", and drove away feeling somewhat let down. I wonder if they'll serve breakfast tomorrow.

Should I just go make the drive-thru again? What if I come out emptyhanded?

But of course, I can always get them from MV's outlet. It's just that MV's mall management think it's clever to not switch on the escalator going up from LG to G floor. I hate hiking up an unmoving escalator -- it's worst than taking the stairs!

Woe is me.