This Shit Makes My Head Spin!!

I felt ill. I think I threw up a little in my mouth while reading this article -- Dad & daughter admits incest, produced babies.


It was said that they appeared in a television news show in Australia recently, asking for "a little bit of respect and understanding". WHAT??

I'm sorry but NO, I can not comprehend that part. I can not comprehend how a FATHER can have SEXUAL relationship with his DAUGHTER, no matter if both are consenting adults. Unless you're not biologically related, when the father-daughter relationship is just something on paper or through marriage. But this case is different.

Tolerance my arse! I am a rather tolerant and liberal person. But not for this. Read these articles here and here. You may find more if you Google for it.

Goodness, they have a baby together (and rather proud of it!)!!

OMG! Excuse me while I go barf my guts out.

. . . . . .

Stupid man! Can you not get a hold of yourself or your urges when it first make its appearance? You're supposed to be the adult in this matter (being the father to YOUR child, hello?). This is what happened lah when you stop using your brain.

Does that mean you'll do the same thing to your baby daughter? The one you had with your daughter now? I'm just asking is all, looking at your current behaviour, Mr Deaves.

And apparently, this was not one exceptional case. There was more!

German man loses incest law battle
"The man's lawyer has argued that there is no reason why two people who love each other should not be allowed to live together purely because they are siblings."

Well, of course they can live together, they are siblings. But the sexual bit, how?

There was also about a man who forced his wife to have sex with their teenage son while he watch.

I'm SO traumatized now.

One of the reasons why I DON'T read the news. I prefer ignorance than let myself be affected by things like these. Say what you want. I prefer to lead a peaceful, long life, thanks.

Curses to Gmail web-clips.



Wawa said…
this leads to kelaurga 69.

i dunno what should their baby call them - both the mother and father.

gosh this is sickening.

i have stopped reading papers (online and actual newspapers) due to this kind of stories.

i'd rather be called an ignorant than have to burden my mind with all these rubbish.

the world has come to it's end since we heading back to the uncivilisation.