Weekend Snapshot # 13

Met up with the Mommies on Saturday for lunch. We have this date blocked a month ago as everyone else was pretty busy. However, Nong had to pull out in the end due to a family commitment. So there was just me, MC, Lah and Nora with the two M's -- Myra and Mira.

Berrilicious Chocolate Pavlova

One of two desserts we had. The other was Lemon Meringue Pie. Inasmuch as we're in constant contact with each other on a daily basis, we still have lots to catch up on. Hence, this was the only photo that got shot of the day. Lol.

We went to Delicious, Bangsar Village II at noon and left to head on our way at 3pm. On the way home, I was caught in one very heavy rain with poor visibility. It subsided as soon as I reached home, so I took the chance to take a nap eventhough the plan was for me to clean up our den. Hehe.

On Sunday morning, we woke up to an unwelcome visitor of the night...

Batman A-Visiting

Yup, bats! Not one, but two. This one was seen hanging by the sliding door's frame outside. Of all places, right smack in the middle of the door's opening. The other was found on DH's windbreaker that was hanged near the entrance door. We weren't sure how to chase it out or what to do with it.

While DH and I were having a heated argument on how best to disposed it off, it flew towards our direction! And some how managed to find its way out by flying towards the kitchen balcony and out to the open air. He must have sense he's not wanted here :(

Poor thing.

So, how was your weekend? You may find more Weekenders here.



SandyCarlson said…
That's one big bat! I hope he got out without causing a ruckus!
Carver said…
The dessert looks delicious. The bat would upset me. Not sure I'd have the nerve to take a photograph, I'd be so upset by it.
Me & my puppies said…
great photo of the bat, the dessert looks yummy!
Natalie said…
That dessert looks mighty tasty. But that bat would have made me so creeped out! Wow!
Wawa said…
bats used to get inside my house. probably because the house was empty for like 15 - 20 yrs.

and when they were in, mostly will die or injured - accident with the ceiling fan.

then it was always either the husband's or my MIL's job to take them away.

thank god now they have banned my house.


accident-prone zone.
Jenn said…
That is definitely one berrylicious dessert!

My weekend snapshots are now up, too! If you have time, please check it out here, here and here. Thanks. Have a great week ahead.
tihtahpah said…
wei..i was at D'Lish (Bangsar) last sunday....and Delicious (Marc Residence in KL) yesterday...alamak, i know, i'm such a fan!!!!!!!but it's so worth it ler.
Jean Chia said…
that looks like a yummy pavlova! glad you mommies had fun!

im afraid of bats. so any sight of them makes my hair stands. eww.... im all freaked out!

Jean Chia
Larawannabe said…
I managed to get such a close up of the bat because that one was hanging by the sliding door outside. So, there's a glass separating us. Lol. Surprisingly, it came out well.

tihtahpah oh! if you went to delicious on saturday for lunch, we would have seen each other kan.

thank you all for visiting :)