Weekend Snapshot # 14

The Weekend Snapshot has it's own URL now at http://www.weekendsnapshot.com. And there's a new rule for posting our entry, which is every Monday at 3 AM GMT. That translates to 11 AM my time and works wonderfully well for me ;)

We were invited to attend MC's son Azriel first birthday party on Saturday.

Azriel's First Birthday Party
Myra trying her best to beat the crap out of the piñata

Piñata time with Chi-Chi The Clown. Before that, the clown entertained the kids with balloons and magic show. Mira was not interested, so she spend most of her time at the table with us.

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Napaboaniya said…
That's one big size clown :P
Did Myra manage to whack the pinata down? Hope there were lots of goodies in there for all the kids ;)
SandyCarlson said…
Uh-oh. I have been known to dress like that....But my feet are a tad smaller!

This is a great photo. I guess you're in my time zone!
genny said…
Oh its fun have the clown in there...mine is up..
did she hit it? not the clown. hahaha.
looks fun.

c",) Morning Sniffles
Indrani said…
Birthday parties are fun. Nice photo.
Carver said…
That looks like great fun.
Larawannabe said…
napaboaniya nah. i think a boy a few turns behind her managed to get a few out. then came a stronger boy who whack the thing to smithereens and allow the other kids to collect their loot. Lol.

sandycarlson oh no hunni. i think we're exactly 12 hours apart. i've started my day, while you're about to go to bed. fascinating, eh?

to all, thanks for visiting :)
yvelle said…
fun fun fun! nice photo! happy ws! :)
maiylah said…
looks like everyone's having fun!
Emmyrose said…
fun party, hope everyone had a good time :)
snippets said…
good thing nobody was scared of the clown ... i used to have a nephew who was scared of them! lol. ;)
fun shot!
tigerfish said…
what good fun!!!! it has been a long time since I've seen a clown in a home party!
christine said…
the little girl's having a good time with the pinata! :)

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Fickleminded said…
looks like the kids are having lotsa fun..:)