The Assistant

I now have an assistant, believe it or not. She started work three weeks ago. I've transferred most of my Admin duties to her so I could concentrate on doing something I love (HR) as well as something I despise (Accounts).

Truth be told, we offered this other girl we found suitable in February. She had to give a month's notice so by right, she was supposed to start in March. I've never met anyone so conflicted and fickle minded as she. She couldn't decide whether or not she wants to leave her present employer.

During the interview, she said she wanted to leave them because they're having some management issues and she felt insecure of her future there. When they counter offered her even though there was nothing official to cast it in stone, she was torn between wanting to leave and wanting to join us. After I talked to her, she's all geared up to join us again.

She was supposed to start on a Monday. Thursday before that, she called the office to let us know she'll be reporting to work the next week. But over that weekend, she sent me a text message (yes, she did!) to let me know she's been counter offered again and she's decided to stay.

I was so pissed off, ok. She's just wasted a month of our time on nothing. I just replied with a 'whatever' message. After all the talking and waiting.

The bottomline -- she couldn't decide for herself. She let others decide for her. So when I gave her 'words of encourangement', she swayed towards our side. And when the 'dark side' did the same thing, she swayed to the other.

My current assistant is a soft spoken mother of two. Looks like my bosses have two assistant for them. Lol. Although, until today they're still reluctant to go directly to her for anything.

Like the other day, the Hotness called me to asked if my assistant could get him coffee from Starbucks. After I instructed her how to order the right coffee for the boss, a thought occurred to me...

I'm Senior Assistant Emily Charlton (from The Devil Wears Prada) and she's 'my' Emily clone. The Hotness can pass as Miranda Priestly, I'm sure.


Does that mean I've to start acting like Emily? Maybe I should start on a new diet of not eating anything. Just eat a cube of cheese right before I feel like I'm going to faint. So I could be one stomach flu away from my goal weight.

Or I should fashion my hair like her. And start dressing like her, too. Lol.

Ooohhhh... A million girls would kill for this job! Not :p



Wawa said…
woot emily,

i love taht emily.

she was actually a kind hearted person kan.

ans she was gorgeous in that movie.

er..but i hate that boss from hell.


and the earlier girl, she deserved the "whatever' reply from you.

Terukla ada orang macam tuh.