Getting Kids to Clean Their Rooms

by Kara Kelso

Here's some ideas on how to handle situations such as this:

1. Don't Give In
This is an important one. They learn nothing if you pick up their toys for them. Do not leave the room until the job is done. If you pick up for them, they will never take you seriously. Children even 2 years old can pick up after themselves (I've witnessed this!)

2. Don't Take No For An Answer
Back talking sould never been accepted. If things begin to get out of control (fits, crying, screaming, firm "no's"), a punishment is in order. Be firm, be the parent. They might not be too happy with you at the moment, but they'll thank you later on.

3. Make a Game
If it's a daily struggle, try making a game out of picking up. Give them a time limit, see how many of certain toys they can put away, etc. The more fun for them the better and easier it will be on all of you.

4. Take Away Toys
If nothing else is working, don't be afraid to remove toys. If they can't take care of it by putting it away, they loose it. We have a special storage room just for "off limit" toys.

5. Rewards
If your children pick up without complaints and do a good job, reward them. Bring back toys taken away, make a special snack, play a special game. Stickers also make for nice rewards if given in moderation.

While it may not be easy for any of you sometime, remember you are the parent! Don't give up, raising children takes time.

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