Mommy's Day

The plan was to have breakfast at McDonald's because I wanted to try their pancakes. But seeing how late I knocked off on Saturday (or was it Sunday morning?), I slept through until noon :p

I discovered some interesting podcasts which I downloaded a bunch of it into the N82. They are mostly language podcasts. That's what kept me up all night. It appears that I'm trying to learn Mandarin, Spanish and French all at once. Lol.

After I settled the laundry bits, we got ready to go out. I wanted to watch Speed Racer again, but DH was not interested. And then I got sidetracked with downloading games on the N82 as well as trying to test them. I now have The Sims: Castaway on my mobile, by the way ;)

We ended up having our late lunch at Sushi King. I tried the Japanese Curry -- don't quite dig it.

We took Mira to the salon to get her hair trimmed after that and then we just walked around for a bit. I purchased the Enchanted DVD today, so one strike off from my DVD wishlist. Mira got herself a new hat and a pink fluffy Hello Kitty handbag. DH got himself a(nother) new PS2 controller plus a new WWE game.

And then we just spend so much time at the arcade. I wanted to go home, but Mira wanted to keep on playing this and that. If we didn't drag her out, she would have kept on playing this basketball-game-thing.

We stopped by Starbucks to have some coffee (with me trying to upload some photos onto Flickr via the WLAN, but its too much work lah) and cakes before we left for home.

So, that's how I spend my Mother's Day. It's just like any other weekend, really :p

Oh! On Friday night after I dropped off Su home from our movie night, I got stopped by the traffic police some where on the Cheras highway between Bandar Tun Razak and Connaught. Apparently, I was caught speeding. Heh. But I was let off with a warning.

First time in my driving experience, y'all!