Movie Nights: Indiana Jones 4

I'm actually quite proud of myself. I managed to catch one movie a week this whole month of May. It has not end yet, so we shall see if I'll be watching another movie this Friday.

Indiana Jones, is like the male version of Lara Croft, isn't it? Or more appropriately, Lara was molded after Indy. No wonder I'm pulled to play Tomb Raider over all other female-centric action games out there.

Last Friday I went to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with my colleagues. Would have gone with Su, but she was in Singapore.

So, what's the verdict? I'll tell you the short review from me, and those text messages I received from Su and MrDJ whom both watched it last Saturday; at same time I reckon, but different places. How weird is that?? Lol.

And then, I'm going to write down my thoughts about it after the poster jump. I better put a notice here beforehand, it could contain SPOILERS. If you don't want me to spoil you with the plot, then better not read it.
Me: The movie was fun, but lacked something, am not sure what. There were some parts that felt slow-paced. Definitely for fans.

MrDJ: Didn't expect that Cate Blanchett is in this movie, surprised! The movie is so-so, no spark. Flat and monotonous.

Su: I'm glad I'm a FAN.

From the moment I learnt about this new Indy movie, I was excited! I remembered fondly those days when I watched his other movies numerous times that I cannot count anymore. Starting from Raiders of the Lost Ark, to The Temple of Doom (my favourite!) and on to The Last Crusade, I've watched them all. I even bought the 3-DVD special edition box for collection.

So how did this movie fared against the other three? To tell you frankly, I'm not impressed. It's good to see Indy in action once again. The special effects was fantastic. The actors and actresses in this movie were fabulous. Cate Blanchett was brilliant!

However, something was missing from the ingredient I feel, but I do not know what. Could be Dr. Jones didn't use much of his whip, or something. I dunno *shrugs*

And then, there's the plot.

In this installment, Indy was kidnapped by Colonel-Doctor Irina Spalko to lead them to a crate holding the remains of an alien. It was believed that it's skull has a power to reveal other's thoughts and knowledge. Of course, the Soviets thought it would be good to have this weapon on their side.

I didn't know that thing was an alien until towards the end. I thought, it was a mummy! :p

Thus, I was surprised to find out that the Crystal Skull was not of an ingenious people, but of an alien instead. Haha.

Indy and gang brought it back to a temple in El Dorado (if I'm not mistaken) where you'll see thirteen crystal skeletons, one with a missing skull, are all seated on thrones. The Soviets caught up with Dr Jones and Irina took the liberty to placed the missing skull on its skeleton. And then, the aliens came to live!

Irina demanded to know everything and the aliens started to upload information through her eyes. While that was happening, a portal to another dimension appears above the room and started to suck the occupant in it one by one. After a while, Irina was overwhelmed with all the information that she had to absorb causing her to ignite into flames and disintegrate.

Dr Jones and gang flee from the temple as it crumbles. And then, it reveals a flying saucer that flew off and disappear. This is where I told MrDJ, 'but this an Indy movie, not ET. Can't they make it more like Tomb Raider?'.

Back home, Dr Jones marries Marion and they live happily ever after. Hehe.

Oh, and Mutt (Shia LaBeouf) is his son that he wasn't aware of until now. There you have it, the future Indiana Jones :p



ezrazlin said…
wow..! indiana jones..still remember going to the movies wuth my dad..a memory cherish! i was about 7 yrs old if im not mistaken ekeke!

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nih order nih..will send kejap lagi abt 2 hours lagi ekeke..! alhamdullilah..ada jugak bisnes kat blog nih huhu! doa doa doa!