Movie Nights: Iron Man

I've watched this movie twice. That's right. Two times in two consecutive days, two weeks ago. I watched it first with Su at Garden's Signature on Friday and again with DH & Mira on Saturday at GSC Mid Valley.

I think Robert Downey Jr did very well as Tony Spark and Iron Man. I wasn't sure about him being Iron Man at first. Come on, I've seen him as Larry in Ally McBeal all those years ago. Lol. Not that he's bad as Larry. He was fantastic. But he's 'Larry', you know? Not of the super hero kind.

But he pulled it off. He's believable, sexy and has style. He's just brilliant!

The plot I would say, was based on the comics beginning and it is a summary of how Tony Stark became Iron Man. Perhaps we'll be seeing a sequel next year?

We'll get to see Tony Spark again in Hulk. He'll make a cameo appearance in that movie.

Iron Man 'uniform' was gorgeous. He's as beautiful as Optimus Prime. The mechanics of the suit though, reminded me of Transformers, as well as some of the fighting scenes.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie immensely. There was an unhappy incident while watching it the second time -- there were instances when I wanted to smack the head of this tall guy in front of me with my wristlet. HE WAS SO ANNOYING!!!

The fact that I've watched the movie and enjoyed it the first time with Su, kept my patience in check.

Why can't people, when in the cinema WATCHING a movie, sit still and just enjoy the experience? Why do they have to fidget about? Is it a must to BLOODY ANSWER THE PHONE WHILE YOU'RE WATCHING THE MOVIE for fuck sake?? Yes, you put the phone on silent mode, but it doesn't make any difference when you ANSWER it and started TALKING. WTF?

Either take your business outside the theater or not answer the phone at all. There were just too many time when someone do that, I just wanted to throw popcorn at them! Gah! Some day, I will!!!

But other than that, Iron Man would be another movie I'd like to collect its DVD in the future.