Movie Nights: Prince Caspian

Do you remember the first movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe? How tiny Lucy Pevensie was? How young Edward Pevensie looked?

I didn't watch the first movie in the cinema, for reasons unclear. It must have something to do with being disenchanted by Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire movie. Or could be because I read the lukewarm first reviews about the movie.

I only watched it the first time on HBO, and I thought it was really good. I wish I had seen it on the big screen and promised myself I'd catch the second movie when it comes out.

And so last Friday, I did.

And oh my! The eye-candy was awesome! There's not only one hotness in this movie but THREE! We know how cute Peter Pevensie was. He looks a bit mature and angsty in this movie but still, he has that clean boyish look. We've seen how Prince Caspian looked like from the movie posters, but in 'reel life' he's more handsome. And he speaks with a Spanish accent.

Oh, don't you just love accents! I love accented speaking men :p

But who would have thought... Edward Pevensie! He's grown, y'all. Supposedly a year passed in this movie but, well... I guess the kids have grown since. It's not so obvious for Lucy, but Edward (Skandar Keynes), I remembered he was a boy back in the first movie.

Edward, Peter, Caspian, Susan with Narnians

Men in chain mail and armours. Le sigh!

So yes, back to the movie.

I haven't read any of the books, and in a way, I think it's much better for my sanity. I don't have to hold any gripe when they deviate from the books. I can just enjoy entertainment as is.

It told a story of what happened after the Pevensies left Narnia. Eventhough it's only been a year, in Narnian times 1,300 years had passed. The place was not the same after being attacked and the inhabitants of Narnia nearly wiped out by the Telmarines (those Spanish accented English speakers).

The gist of it thereafter was -- the Pevensies helped Prince Caspian to claim his rightful throne from his uncle. In return, Prince Caspian restored peace to Narnia. Aslan (yes, he's in this movie too) anointed Prince Caspian as the King of Narnia. King Peter and Queen Susan will not come back to Narnia after this because they've grown up (or something).

What's not in the book but added in the movie -- apparently, the night raid to Miraz's castle was not in the book. And of course, the apparent interest between Susan and Prince Caspian, was not in the book as well.

At the end of the movie, Aslan told the Telmarines people how they came to Narnia and offered to send them back to the real world. Some say its a hoax. Well, you see people walked into a hole and vanished, what'd do you think? Peter and Susan offered to go themselves, because they're not coming back anyway.

King Caspian was flummoxed, he was thinking of spending more time with Susan. Susan said it'd never have worked, because she's 1,300 years older than he :p And the daft bloke let her leave, without any 'Oh Susan, please stay' and start professing his love to her, et al.

What's with that? Men!

But of course, if Susan stayed behind and marry Caspian, we'd deviate from what's intended by CS Lewis. We don't want that. Lol.

I enjoyed the movie immensely. There were funny banters, cute little talking rats that reminded me so much of Puss (from Shrek), great battle scenes and engaging plots. The effects were great. The Centaurs here are more believable then any from the Harry Potter movies. As well as the other inhabitants of Narnia.

And yes, don't forget the hotties!! XD



Seri Langkat said…

That's all i can say about the hotties!!!! To think that i almost said NO to watching this movie.. urgh..

It's much better that the first movie. Peter's fighting scenes were so intense that i actually flinched!

but the hotties... oh my... yumm.. especially Peter :)
Larawannabe said…
omg! that fighting scene was much better than his first in the first movie. much more intense, much more brutal, much more 'adult' sans the gore of blood lah ;)