Movie Nights: Speed Racer

Drivers, start your engine.

Su and I watched Speed Racer last Friday night at The Gardens Signature. I think I'm spoilt. I don't think 'normal cinema' movie experience will ever be the same for me. Huhu.

But I digress. Speed Racer was AWESOME! I love it. If F1 races are like this, I'd become a fan and pay homage to Sepang Circuit every time there's a race. Promise! :p

I have no inkling what the movie was all about. Apparently, it's an adaptation from a Japanese anime of the same name. I've never heard of it before though. However, I am now a fan.

The races portrayed were intense. The colours used in this movie were very vivid. There are just so much colours. Some say it gives them headache. For me, it's like an eye candy. I would think kids (I'm thinking those below 3) would love seeing the colours, too.

The plot was interesting as well. I must admit the beginning was so-so for me but it picked up soon after the death of Rex Racer and Speed all grown up. The races were very exciting. I wish I could cheer along with the spectators (and announcers) in the movie without looking like an over-enthusiast. Lol.

And then, there's this mystery about Racer X, whether or not he's Speed's dead brother Rex? You can keep on guessing until you've seen the movie :p That bit of the plot kept us wondering until the end -- was he, was he not? He must be... but he said he's not. But how Rex looked again at the start of the movie? Do they look alike? I can't remember! I'm sure he's Rex. Nah, can't be...

And Taejo Togokhan. Is he the good guy or bad guy? He helped Racer X. Why did he tricked Speed into racing with him? But OMG, Rain is so cute! (squee like a fangirl).

Anyway, go see this movie. It'd be cool to watch this on IMAX, though. If you like Fast & Furious, you'd enjoy this movie, too.

Cool beans.



Wawa said…
i've fallen asleep in teh middle of the movie.

maybe due to the heat kot (pregnancy heat) and i was a little sleepy pun masa mula2.

but towards the end, i could feel the adrenaline rush.

rain is sooooooooooo cute.

and yes, terasa cam fangirl pulak.

patrick said…
The Wachowski bros certainly put a lot of effort into making Speed Racer... but the movie overall looked and felt like a cross between anime, a kaleidoscope, that Flintstones movie, a video game and the Dukes of Hazard
Larawannabe said…
wawa glad you enjoyed the movie. friday ni wait for my sms about prince caspian pula ok. lol.

patrick i think they deliberately do it such. but actually, you're right. it does have sorta 'flinstones' feel to it. especially at the beginning. thanks for dropping by :)
what's the rating for this? i'm thinking of bring zareef to watch it. i'm sure he'll enjoy it immensely!