I've never seen or heard my parents quarrel. Like 'really' quarrel, with raised voices or, throwing things at one another or perhaps if it's gotten to bringing physical harm to each other. I've never witness any of it because they don't quarrel that way.

When they had a disagreement, they just stop talking to each other. It may go on for the whole day, sometimes a few days or even for the whole week the most. The worst act they could have done would be when my dad would stop his car further so my mom had to walk far. Or my mom would not prepare any meals for the day for my dad.

If the need arises for them to communicate, Kim and I would become their intermediaries. We only experienced these silent treatment in our household. DH and I are more explosive compared to them.

Even when I had a fall out with Dad (for two whole years, imagine that!), we both ignored each other's presence even though we're in the same room.

So imagine how I felt when, for the first time, I'm stuck in the middle of two quarreling adults.

Peter and Jane had a screaming match last night. In my opinion, the matter was rather trivial. Petty, even. But the way Jane was going on and on about it, you'd think it was a matter of life and death. Even though they were in Jane's room, I can hear everything because I was just outside her door.

They were so loud. I was getting a bit scared and worried. What if they started to hurt each other?

Suddenly, I heard a loud bang! I wondered if I should go into her room, perhaps to pull one of them out. But of course, I didn't. I'm not sure it was wise.

Eventually, Peter had his last say and walked out of Jane's room. It's hard to pretend that I didn't know anything was wrong. But the two of them carried on with the rest of us like that episode did not just happened.

It felt so weird and unnatural...