Scary Episode

My neighbour that lives at the other side of the world; sometime I'll try to avoid running into her. She likes to talk. A lot. And she likes to gossip on topics that don't interests me.

I think we're about the same age, and yet she still calls me 'Kakak'.

I don't get this 'kakak' business, really. There are other ways to be respectful. If you're not family, I don't see why you should call me 'kakak' or vice versa. It has nothing to do with 'feeling older' :p I'd prefer to just see you as my friends and peers as oppose to a little or elder sister. I have my whiny little sister for that role, thank you very much ;)

A couple of weeks ago, we saw her unloading stuff from her car at the lobby. It was late, close to midnight. We just got back from a short drive to get some tidbits from the shops. As usual, she started a conversation with us. And then, she told us a story of how her sister found a small kid squatting by the side of a car at the parking lot, in the dark.

She went on describing how the kid looked like. He was (she assumed it's a boy) bald, without hair, with eyes so large and red (on second thought, if it's dark, how would one know it's red?), and he appeared to have no ears. The first thing that came to my mind was this...

I'm serious! Lol. DH was the one who mentioned 'Toyol', not me. My exact response was, 'Oh! An alien?'. But apparently, she wasn't talking about aliens. Hahahahahaha.

There's no logic in her claims. We've lived here long enough to know if there was 'something', but there wasn't. Accept the time when I appeared to have been followed by a little girl, but even that didn't come from the apartment area. She, I believed, came from a bunch of tall bamboo plants that grew along the road side.

We could have met 'something' when we first moved in because there weren't many people then. There were only one or two other unit that was occupied for a couple of months. It would be the best time to encounter any ghosts.

Also, those times when DH and his friends come and go at the wee hours of the morning. Nobody got spooked by seeing a bald boy or any ghosts either. And with our new neighbour next door, the kids goes in and out at odd hours of the morning, too. If they've encountered anything, I would think they'd stop coming home so late, yeah?

However, she managed to spook me with her story after that. I kept on thinking about it and wondered if 'he' is downstairs, lurking in the dark. It went on for about a week :p

But now I'm back to my normal self. Hehe.