Spanking New

Spanking New
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If you've been following my Twitter, you'd notice my dilemma today -- should I either get a new monitor, a Coach handbag or a new mobile phone.

I remembered telling my girlfriends I should get a new handbag for myself first and the phone second. But I also remembered telling Nong how I think when the time comes, I'll choose to buy the gadget instead.

Well, it was a tough decision but I couldn't resist :p

I guess it's my bad. Lol. This costs more than my handbag budget, really. But I get loads of playtime tinkering with it. Teehee.

It wasn't easy, I had to go to a few different shops. First, to get the best deal in price; and second, whether or not they have it in stock. I nearly gave up, but DH suggested we go to the last shop before heading home.

As luck would have it, they have ready stock and they have the new black coloured ones (the 1st generation was only in silver, which looked rather plastic-ky). And the price was right, so I just grab it.

Now, if only I remembered the password to our home WLAN, I can start testing its Wifi thingy. I lock the bloody thing to avoid people from using my connection, but now I have apparently lock myself out. Gah!

Ok, now I wanna go play with my new phone. Nite!



Wawa said…
have fun playing around with your new toy babe.

and good luck in breaking the code.

LWB said…
Am having loads of fun now trying this and that. Lol. This comment was left by using the phone btw.