Weekend Snapshot # 18

A weekend where we had pizza for Sunday night :)

How was your weekend? For more weekenders, please visit here.



ezrazlin said…
my weekend? nasi lemak kukus at frasers hill! what you think? visit my blog hehe!
looks so yummyyyy... great one for WS! mine's up too hope you can drop by.
Pizza is my husband's favorite food in the world and this one difinitely looks wonderful!!
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Yen said…
Yum! I don't mind a slice;) My weekend shots is posted already;)
Lynn said…
I love pizza with lots of onions! I can see a strand of onion from your pizza. Happy WS!
Bela said…
my husband and I were craving for pizza and the more my craving grew after i saw this picture... i have to get one tom. LOL.

mine is up. hope you can check it out.

genny said…
Oh thats a good weekend with pizza. Hubby loves pizza too. Happy WS!
Jeanne said…
looks delicious pizza

check out my ws entry here