I'm Incorrigible!

Seriously, when I'm in this 'mental' state of mind, which Su's calling it my Edward Cullen mode from now on, I'm glad I have a good friend that would listen and appreciate my infatuation. Lol.

As apparent in our YM conversation yesterday afternoon...

Larawannabe : eh, u wanna know something funny?
Iggy Singh : eh
Iggy Singh : sureeeee
Larawannabe : my vampire?
Iggy Singh : ohoh
Larawannabe : he's 108 years old
Iggy Singh : ok
Iggy Singh : only???
Larawannabe : and he's a VIRGIN. muahahaha
Iggy Singh : that is young
Iggy Singh : ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Iggy Singh :
Larawannabe : yar. he died when he's 17
Iggy Singh : you must be having greater visions
Iggy Singh : ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Larawannabe :
Iggy Singh : you have a "underaged" vamp???????
Iggy Singh : reject lah Daniel Radcliffe
Larawannabe : i like boys remember
Iggy Singh : so if you have sex with the undead, he will still be a virgin kan??
Iggy Singh : i know
Larawannabe : even my vamp is still considered a boy in vamp years. hahaha
Larawannabe : i dunno should he be a virgin still?
Iggy Singh :
Iggy Singh : now, figure that out!
Iggy Singh : start a chat on your Blog
Larawannabe : i'll let u know when the 4th book comes out
Larawannabe : that'll be interesting
Iggy Singh : kkkk
Larawannabe : and he drives a silver volvo s60r
Iggy Singh : you are gone
Larawannabe : i knoowwwwww

Iggy Singh wants to become a werewolf now, after watching Blood and Chocolate on Astro. We used to imagine we'll turn each other into a vampire so we could be each other's companion for eternity. Hehe.

But you know, vamps and werewolfs are enemies, I think. So how?

Back to the question about vamp and sex, what do you think? Would the undead still be a virgin once he has sex? Hmmm... And then while being stuck in the traffic this morning on the way to work, I thought of something else more silly.

If a vamp is bloodless, and we all know it is all about blood rushing south for 'it' to work, how to have sex like that? You should see my silly grin in the car just now. Lol.



ezrazlin said…
is being a virgin a silly thingy? ekeke..

the undead will always be dead and the undead a virgin? i dun think so

but..the bloodless is cold..how can a cold undead have sex since it's soooo coldddddd hehe!
SH said…
Oh no you like Twilight?! Ack!
The series is so overhyped and so cliched. I really don't understand what the fuss is about.
Larawannabe said…
ezra virgin is not a silly thing. just making fun of the fact that the vampire is 108 yrs old, and STILL a virgin. hahahaha.

sh yes, i LOVE twilight. i couldn't put the book down. mostly coz im intrigued with edward cullen. heh heh. u shud give it another try ;)
SH said…
Nah. The 2 main characters annoy the shit out of me and the writing is poor. Don't you think it's creepy that you have a 108 year old vampire and he's still hanging around high schools? He doesn't age but surely he's experienced? Oh and seeing you're sucked in alas, you should check out this site: twilightmoms.com. They scare me with their fanatical obsession about the series. Eeek!
Larawannabe said…
That 108 bit makes me LOLz. I shall blog about that separately as I have some theories.

I've checked twilightmoms out before. (Un)fortunately(?), they're a bit much for me ;) I'll stick with the younger age group, thanks XD
SH said…
Ha ha. The moms stikes me as being a tad more nuts than the teenage obsessives.
ezrazlin said…
108 yrs old and a virgin? who u're kidding here hahaha
Larawannabe said…
ezra 108 yrs old vampire ok. lol. he died in 1918. that's why he's forever 17. and becoz he's from that century, he still has his virtue in tact. teehee.

u hv to read the story lah to get the whole picture ;)