La Tua Cantante

Oh, this is ridiculous! Can I not have some restraint over myself?

Sigh. I guess not. Not unless I want to.

Last night, after much contemplation, I went to the bookstore to buy the second book of the Twilight series, New Moon. I picked up the third book as well but thought I won't be needing it so soon.

Well now, I was wrong! I've finished reading the book and want to immediately to start on the next. The story was that compelling to me. I supposed any story with vampires in it would do this to me, it's unhealthy.

I love Edward Cullen. I don't know why some would prefer Jacob Black. And I'm not irritated at some of Bella's behaviour because I can relate to it in some way.

Oh blast it. I'm sending DH to the bookstore now. I want to know what'll happen next. Hopefully I can be more patient waiting for the fourth and last book. It won't be released until August, I think.