Más Pobre Que Una Rata

Spanish for 'Poor as a church mouse'; that's me. Well, maybe not. Perhaps until the next pay cheque? Lol.

I send the car for service on Saturday. Some major work had to be done to it other than the usual oil change. I also had to change the two front tyres. Then, had to also change the... err... something-something (can't remember what it was now, but something to do with stabilizing the front tyres lah).

The whole thing costs me a fortune! So now I'm destitute :p

I had unagi for lunch today. Now, when I burped, I can still taste it. Ugh!

That is all.



ezrazlin said…
women at cars..i get what you mean, my mom even is at this hehe!

UNAGI..yes, love it!