Spider Monkey

I'm ecstatic that Germany won. Woohoo! This is where I go 'Michaellllll. Michael Ballack I love you!'. Eventhough it was Philip Lahm who helped gave the team the winning score.

Obviously, I didn't watch the game. The last World Cup in 2006 was the only time I actually stayed up for. I only listen to commentaries about Euro from DH this time. So, last night after he returned from his Futsal game, he mentioned about Germany vs Turkey game to me. He then proceeded to asked which team I think will win.

Of course, without hesitation I say Germany :) To say otherwise would be blasphemy. Haha. And besides, I don't know nuts about the Turks team lah.

Luckily he didn't place bets, huh ;)

So anyway, I'm seriously thinking of hurting myself. I think it's time. I've been thinking about it for years and years. I'm 35, and I'm ready. I'm no masochist, but the two things I so wanted to do involves some form of pain. Lol. And I've been thinking about it constantly.

July and August will be my months of pain. I can't wait!