'Oh. My. Goodness.'


'These people are unbelievable!'

'What people?'

'These bunch of lunatics! I can't believe it! Just look at them! Such hypocrites!'

'Calm down. Who are we talking about here?'

'Just because he now look oh-so-handsome and swanky and pretty, they're all over him. All. Over. Him! Like as if he's suddenly royalty or something. I mean, he was good looking even from before, before he took on this new project. But back then, it didn't summed up to this.'

'And that is a problem to you because... ?'

'It's just annoying!'


'Really! Annoying! Are people so easily swayed?'

'But not you. Shouldn't that be good for him, though? For his career now that he's well known and popular. For his new project too, I might add.'

'Well, yes. But do 'they' have to act the way they do? Come, come, look at these photos and forum threads. It's way over the top, I'm telling you.'

'Aww... that's sweet. He looked harmless and friendly. He doesn't seem to have a problem with it. I don't see why it irked you a lot. Hang on. Are you jealous??'

'What? Jealous? Me? JEALOUS? Puh-lease. Don't put me in the same league as those rabid fans. They're relentless!'

'Whatever you say.'

'Why are you smirking at me? No, no. I'm not jealous. I'm just irritated at these people. See this one. She dragged her kids out until late to camp out with the others. Just so she could hang out with the crew, you see. Just so she could wrap her arms around him and take photos and ogle at him. Juvies, that's what they are!'

'Again, I ask... that is a problem to you because?'

'Oh, shut it. You'll never understand. You're Ms. Cool. I get that.'

'Yes, stuck your tongue out at me. That's mature.'

'It's like a fad. Him, that is. It's not like he's never done any other project before, you know. He's done quite a few others after the last big one. And they're all good. Have you seen him in those? He looked sloppy and uninteresting. Hence, nobody give him a second look!'


'Now though... he's like Elvis! I think if you were to meet him on the street, you wouldn't recognize it's him. That's how sloppy he is in real life.'

'Like you know?'

'Of course! I may not be as rabid as those fans out there, but I have been following his career quietly. I think he's such a humble and unpretentious kinda guy.'

'Maybe they're very passionate about this project. I'm sure this is not an exception.'

'I've never seen anything like it! Have you seen any fan photos out of Sex and The City movie? Dark Knight, perhaps? Or any other movies for that matter?'

'How would I know? I'm not that obsess with these things.'


'He is good looking though. Pretty, even. Look at this one, he looks hot! Look at the hair. Nice pair of hands, too. Beautiful hands. Sexy hands.'

'Ugh! Not you, too! Stop staring at his hands, woman.'

'The man is sex on legs. I'm a hot blooded woman. I'd be gay if I'm not affected by that.'

'Oh, laugh all you want!'

'Aww... come on. Give him a break. This is good for him, no?'

'Of course, it's all good. I don't have a problem with him. He'd earned it. It's the rabid fans that ticked me off. The way they behave around him and the project. Well, not all of them, just these limited few.'

'More like this particular group to me. Screw them, then. This will blow over once it's done. It's all hype.'

'Yeah. I guess so.'

'You ok now?'

'Sure, sure.'

'Right. Let's go. I'm sleepy.'



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