Weekend Snapshot # 20

We parked beside this beautiful Volks Beetle in TTDI, while Kiran went to buy some ice creams for the kids.

I wish I have one, too :)

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ezrazlin said…
i've seen this car way too many times hehe! very popular one in TTDI..i live nearby by the way!
SandyCarlson said…
I had one of these a long time ago. It was charming when it ran. In the winter, I had to scrape the windows on the inside! Always an adventure.
Bela said…
wow, that's one cute beattle...wish i have one too..

Mine is up. Hope you can drop by:

Bela and the Bears

Happy WS!
Jeanne said…
that's cool....

Visit also My WS Entryhere
Larawannabe said…
ezrazlin i think its a girlie car. i'd love to have one just like that. with white or cream coloured interior :)

sandy i've always wanted a beetle when i first got my license. but my dad was dead against it. he didn't think i'm capable of taking care of an old car :p

to all thanks for visiting :)