I am bored.

Three quarters of the day has gone and I felt as if I haven't done anything productive today. I did nothing major. I'm supposed to spring clean the bookshelves, which I'm not bothered to start at all. At least, I've folded the mountain of laundry and I've cleaned up the kitchen a bit.

For the rest of the day, I just while away my time by reading and day dreaming. I've read through all three Twilight series books thrice already. It took a week to complete all three this time.

Speaking of which, I took the liberty to call MPH a few days ago, to find out when will Breaking Dawn hit the stores. Their rep said we'll only get it perhaps two months after its publication date. TWO MONTHS?!

I don't think I have the patience to wait that long. Besides, I'll know what will happen before reading the book myself because the fandom will be in uproar discussing about it in detail. I won't be able to get away from reading the conclusion. Unless I hide in a cave without internet access.

Which is hard in this day and age, you must admit.

What a girl to do? Pre-order the book from Amazon, of course :p One week delay is better than two months, right. I only hesitated once; to check which one would costs less for me -- to get it from UK or US? If it's from UK, I'll get it within five days, but if it's from US it's much more cheaper, thanks to the exchange rate.

At the moment, I'm trying hard to resist reading any fanfiction, especially speculative ones. I'm not going into any threads that discuss or speculate about the last book either. I do not want to be burned badly if the book did not end the way I expect it to be.

One experience was enough, thank you. I'm still reeling with bitterness and disappointment from Deathly Hallows. I haven't pick up the book for another read or even to glimpse at it since 21st July 2007. It's not even standing beside the other Potter books where it should be, but flung some where at the bottom shelf I think.

Yup, still bitter.

Ok, I think I'll go read Romeo & Juliet now. I need some dose of tragedy in my head. It's all full of happy thoughts (of Edward Cullen) at the moment. Muahaha.

Not that I'm complaining ;-)