From Zero To Bitch

Most of us in the office were late to work yesterday. At first, I thought it was because of 'you-know-who' but turns out, it was for Merdeka parade's dress rehearsal :p

While I was in the middle of the traffic jam in front of Plaza Phoenix, where the road was like one massive car park, one small white car irked the hell out of me. I mean, you're in this very tight spot when you can't even open your car door if there's an emergency, and she was behind me at that time. I couldn't move elsewhere except to just follow the flow.

She on the other hand, just bull doze her way right beside me just so she could be ahead of me. It's either I stop or we'll both be squeezed in. At the same time, the car on my right was also inching his way forward. Lucky though, his side stop for a fraction of a time that I can stay stagnant while the small car make her way through. Bitch.

I cussed and cussed (because our car nearly scraped each other lah), and then I saw her car bumper sticker-thingy which was stuck on the right side of her rear screen...

Caution: I go from zero to Bitch in less than 3 seconds.

-_- Oh, reaaaaaally...

This morning, there was another heavy traffic snafu on the way to Mid Valley. Another white car driven by this insane woman was trying to just bull doze her way through. If she wants to go to the left, goddammit, she WANTS to go to the left!

No matter if there was a car right next to her. And we're talking about bumper-to-bumper, door-to-door kinda traffic jam here.

She nearly collided with the other car. The woman in the other car wasn't impressed at all; she honked and gave the other an evil stare. Brand new car at that. I'm sure she won't be amused if her car got scratched, right.

Sigh. Why can't I have traffic-free days any more? Sometimes I do wonder if it's worth going through all this hassle just to go to work.



Wawa said…
pindah melaka la beb