Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

It's hereeeeeeeeeee... Breaking Dawn is here!

Borders kept their promise! I'm in love with them. I received a SMS from them yesterday evening at about 8pm, I think. And wished for Monday to come sooner.

I joyously woke up this morning, feeling light and happy. I took my boss's maid to the dentist and after that I stopped by Borders to pick my order up. The sale for this book was rung at approximately 11:10 AM.

Le sigh.

I'm so freakin' excited, can? I cannot wait to continue reading. I managed to read until chapter two. Had to cut my lunch break short to do work (eyerrrrr). Should have gone to the courtyard so I could have read it in peace and quiet.

I've already know what will happen as well as the ending, because I was kiasu enough to Google for it over the weekend. Hehe. But whatever... it's the 'journey' towards the end that counts :p

So I shall hold my judgment of the book after all the reviews and spoilers I've read so far.