I Don't Like Mondays

Do you know, the name of the day's origins revolve mostly around the moon, which in turn gets its name from Mani (Old English Mona), the Germanic moon god? Check out the Wiki page here.

Why do you think we live in stuff that were based or evolved around these Pagan gods in the first place? This person's enquiring mind wants to know.

I don't hate Mondays. Well... I hate it with a vengeance on Sunday, but not on the day itself. I find it is the shortest day of the work week -- time really just fly by on Mondays. Before you know it, it's already time to go home. Yeay.

Today I had lunch alone. Something I hardly do, but I've been salivating over La Manila's Fried Kuey Teow since Friday. I'm blaming Chun for this.

He took me there (can you believe I haven't been there since we moved here?) last Tuesday because both my lunch buddies were not around. Cyn's away for an extended medical leave, whilst Daisy was on a 2-day holidays.

He ordered the yummy-looking FKT. I had curry mee, which was not bad, really.

So there I was, sitting by myself with a plate of FKT and a glass of Chinese tea. It was rather peaceful because there was no one you have to strike a conversation with. You also get to enjoy your meal more, I might add.

There are so many things you can think about. There were many things that ran through my head, like how I'd write this entry for one :p Another thought put a smile on my face -- at how Mira can steal my heart when you least expect it.

I took her to the supermarket last Friday so we can buy some snacks for the weekend. I let her push her own mini cart and she went from isle after isle filling it with what she wanted most (biscuits, Vitagen, yogurt, etc.).

At the cashier, she took charge in laying all the things at the counter without wanting my help. When it's time to pay, she took the cash from me and paid it herself. She even wanted to carry the bags herself if it weren't too heavy. Lol.

Once home, I just put the bags at the entrance thinking I'd put the things away after I've freshen up. I also bought a box of detergent and a few packets of wet cat food. As soon as I came out from the bathroom, I saw the detergent box on my vanity cupboard. That intrigued me a little.

I went to check the grocery bags, they weren't there anymore. Mira had taken the liberty to store everything away. In its rightful places, I might add. I was amazed. I have never shown her or even asked her to do that before.

Isn't that sweet? Le sigh.



doubleaye said…
This is why I'd like to think that daughters are the best! Boleh diharap! After reading this, I seriously want to meet your little missy again!