tittle-tattle \TIT-uhl TAT-uhl\, noun:
1. Idle, trifling talk; empty prattle.
2. An idle, trifling talker; a gossip.

It has been a strange week -- total highs and lows.

For one, I went to work for the past two weeks in a very jovial mood. I feel no stress and there's even a spring in my steps walking towards office in the morning. Normally the 'spring' comes when I'm leaving for home. But not this time. I'm actually looking forward to go to work.

I can thank the smooth traffic for this. There was no jam y'all! My drive was a breeze and I reached MV with ample time for me to actually walk leisurely to enjoy the morning and even stopped by Starbucks for my coffee fix. And still clock in a mere 2-3 minutes before nine.

Total bliss!

Usually, I'll be rushing like mad walking from the carpark to my office building to make it at least before 9:10 AM. I hope this traffic situation will not change in the near future.

However, in the home front, it wasn't all so cheerful.

Mira was sick since last Friday with high fever, bad cough, flu -- the whole works. Luckily though, there's no sign of asthma. This was the longest duration she's been ill and she lost quite a bit of weight. As it is, she is skinny. Can you imagine how light she is now?

I had to carry her on night as she fell asleep in front of the TV. I was shocked and worried at how lightweight she was. Skin and bones! Well, I may be exaggerating a bit, but you get my meaning.

She's recovered since Thursday and I'm glad to see her gain appetite's back. Now I have to find ways to make her eat more.

DH was unwell, too. What with an ear infection and then mild conjunctivitis as well as fever. Even Manja the cat didn't appear to be in the pink of health. All these happened this week and here I am wondering how come I'm not affected by any of it. Normally, I'm the second person to get infected by whatever that was going around the household.

But I spoke to soon. On Friday when I was supposed to be on leave, I woke up with a sore throat. Then the fever came as well as headache. So, my whole weekend was lost in a way. I'm glad it's all over now because really, I hate falling sick.

Let's hope next week will be all nice and peachy :)