Always behave like a duck - keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle like the devil underneath

by Jacob Braude
I missed my blog *hugs blog* But I was too distracted to do much else. Hehe. What's new, eh.

I discovered a few fun games to play from Yahoo! Games. I'm currently really hooked on two of them -- Ranch Rush and Dream Day First Home. Dream Day has a few other titles in the series, namely Dream Day Wedding and Dream Day Honeymoon as well as the new Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan, but I like First Home more.

On Monday, I thought I'd buy some food for buka from the bazaar near my home. DH had to work late, and it rained heavily so I was not game to go through with the plan. Luckily though, I bought a can of sardines, a packet of veg and eggs from the supermarket before I left from work.

While I was in the kitchen cooking up a storm (yea right), Mira poked her head in to see what I was doing. She has suddenly become quite inquisitive lately, always asking 'Eeee... what is that / this?'. I was cutting up some onions and garlic at that time...
Mira: Eeee... what is that?
Me: Garlic
Mira: Gah-lik
Me: Bawang putih
Mira: Bah-wan put-teh

I continued with my work... and then:

Mira: Eeee.. what is that?
Me: Onion
Mira: Oh-nyon
Me: Bawang merah
Mira: Bah-wan a-mee-ya (read: Bawang Amira)
Me: Huh? Bukan, bawang merah.
Mira: Bah-wan a-mee-ya!
Me: Ba-wang
Mira: Bah-wan
Me: Merah
Mira: a-mee-ya!
Me: Hahahahahahaha. Suka hati kau la 'nak.

Isn't it ironic? The reason why I was adamant to not name her Elena (ee-lay-na), eventhough that was my first choice, was so people wouldn't just pronounced it as Alina or Elina. And here she is calling herself Amira instead of Elmira. Lol.

She is a little bit pelat, I noticed. I mean, she calls me Bibu instead of just Ibu, Woshi for Wafi and Lulat for Ulat. She recently tried to use 'Excuse Me' in her speech, and it came out as 'ek-que-me', much to her Atuk's confusion. Lol.

And she can appreciate comedy nowadays. The other day she saw a Charlie Chaplin show on TV, she thoroughly enjoyed herself, giggling. And last night while watching Night at The Museum, she laughed jovially at it too.

This is all very fascinating to me y'all. I love being able to watch her grow up and become her own person. Love, love, love! Le sigh.