Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self

by Cyril Connolly
(1903 - 1974)

I changed my phone's theme again. I found another cool theme website for Symbian 3rd Edition phones called Babi Nokia. I've downloaded three -- one black, one red and one 'special one'. Teehee.

I'm using the 'special one' now because I think it's beautiful!

I knoooowwww... it's ell-veeeee y'all *happy sigh*

When I saw it, I just have to have it. It'll be ages until I get my hands on an LV bag, so this will do for now. Haha.

The left photo is how the wallpaper looks like without the Display Screen thingy, as oppose to the right. And here are other snapshots for you to see how the default icons that comes with this theme looks like.

The main Menu and the Music menu. I like how the music player's icon looks like an iPod.

Can you see it? Each of the folders have an LV logo on it. Me likey!

I so <3 my phone right now...



Anonymous said…
uolsssss!!!!!!!! NICE!!! Iwant osoooo... btw, love the quotations, so spot on!