Givers have to set limits because takers rarely do

by Irma Kurtz, Cosmopolitan Magazine, September 2003

10 more days to Raya. Exciting, isn't it? We only have 4 days of weekend left to shop and to prepare. I thought I'd leave all the shopping until next week. However, since I had to go to Low Yatt yesterday to send in the virtual keyboard device for repair, I thought why not try to shop for Mira's shoes as well.

So after I've left the device at the service counter, we headed back to BB Plaza / Sg Wang for some serious shoe shopping. It dawned on me that Mira hasn't visited that area before. We may have drove through it a couple of times with her, but we've never brought her to the malls around Bukit Bintang area, like, ever! I practically grew up there -- that's where my (now non-existent) school's at, my hang out place, where I dated, watched movies, etc.

And every year long ago my parents will bring me and Kim there for Raya shopping as well, especially Metrojaya at BB Plaza. Aahhh... those were the days.

I'm trying really hard to emulate what my parents had done to us when I was a child, for Mira. 'Trying really hard' because DH and I had a different childhood experiences. We'll be at odds about this. His childhood, to me,was boring and plain. He hardly had these 'family time' experience thing. Thus, he don't see what's the big deal about it.

Whilst mine are more colourful and fun.

Raya was the most special of them all. We'll get a few pairs of new clothes, new shoes, even new handbags (when I was a teen). And we'll convene at my late gran's house on weekends where my late mom and aunt will bake cookies and cakes together. The major event would be on Raya eve when we'll be there until late. That's when the women of the house would be busy preparing dishes for the next day -- my late gran's yummy rendang tok, chicken rendang, kuah kacang, lontong and ketupat, oh my!

The next morning, we'll donned our new baju kurungs and drive back to my gran's where we'll convene once again. My whole relatives will make their way there that morning as well after prayers to visit gran before we all go to the cementary together. The tradition still lives though, albeit not as much grandeur as before. Besides, only my aunt and her family lives in that house now.

I suppose, we all have our own lives now. Nonetheless, I'm glad my parents gave us those special moments and experiences :)

So anyway, we first went to look for Bata because Mira needs a pair of new flip flops. On the way there, we passed by Parkson. I took a detour there and went to their Children's Department to look for shoes. We saw a couple we like. I thought of getting Mira an open toes sandals but Mira likes the Mary Jane.

Mary Jane it is, then. The shoe is white in colour with sewn labuci butterfly designs on it. So liplap uols! Kemain anak mak.

We went into Metro, too. I thought I'd relives some of my childhood nostalgia in there. Yeah, I'm a bit melancholy today. Lol.

I somehow managed to buy two new dresses for Mira, though. Metro's having sale at the moment, and the two dresses that I bought was on 50% off. Good bargain, I'd say.

Now, I only have to get Mira's baju kurung, DH's baju melayu and a shirt, and maybe a pair of shoe for moi. I don't think I need any new clothes this year. I hardly wear my baju kurung, so what better time to get them out of the wardrobe.

That'll be the plan for next weekend. Today, will be house spring cleaning time!



Wawa said…
wah bestnya childhood you.

more or less like mine. so ours are colorful eh, and both our DHs are plain and boring.

however, you are trying to relive the moments with mira but me stucked here living the plain DH pre-raya shopping experience.

Larawannabe said…
aahhh... we are the hip and happening people uols. hahahahahaha.

i'm trying lah, it is quite a challenge. kadang2 bila dah hangin tu, i redah je sorang2. nak
tunggu for dh? buat sakit hati jek :p
Wawa said…
kalau dulu2 boleh la i redahje sorang2, but now..i sanggup sakit hati dalam rumah .


tangan ku ada dua uols.