Gregorian-Hijri Dates Converter

Got the link via Wawa. Thought I'd check it out lah kan. Hehe. So here are our birth dates according to the Islamic calendar.

Mine: Sunday 13 Safar 1393 A.H.
Sunday's child 'Is bonny and blithe and good and gay'. Ahhh... no wonder I'm perpetually happy and positive. Ha!

Safar is the second month in the Islamic calendar. It literally means 'the void month'. I wonder if that's why I'm.... never mind that :p

It's also believe that when it was first named, it was Autumn, hence the derivation from the Arabic word of 'surf' which means yellow. Ooohhhh.. my favourite season! Apparently, it was said to be the unluckiest month in the calendar (eh!), as it was the month Adam was turned out of the Gardens of Eden.


Mira's: Wednesday 18 Muharram 1425 A.H.
Wednesday's child 'is full of woe', but that's from one of the recent versions. The one that was written in 1887 has Wednesday's child as 'loving and giving'. Go figure.

Muharram is the first month in the Islamic calendar. It is one of the most sacred month. It is also one of the four months where fighting is prohibited. A tragic incident happened in this month -- the Battle of Karbala. On 10 Muharram, the Day of Ashurah is commemorated by Muslims as the anniversary of the death of Husayn bin Ali, the grandson of Muhammad.

Woe, indeed.

DH's: Thursday 24 Sha`aban 1391 A.H.
Thursday's child 'has far to go'. Don't we know it! :p

Sha'aban is the eighth month of the Islamic calendar. The fifteenth night of this month is known as Nisfu Sha'aban - it is believed that on this night your old record book, where all your deeds are recorded, be brought up to the heavens (I think, it says 'up to the sky') and your new record book starts for the next year. Your first record will start just as we enter Maghrib.

Thus, you are encourage to do something substantially good to mark your 'new year' with prayers and such.



Wawa said…
where do u get the day personality?
Larawannabe said…
owh. it's an old nursery rhyme called 'monday's child'. try tgk kat sini.