It's not just a store - it's a Megastore! 'Mega' means 'good', 'store' means 'thing'

I walked past Aussino's store yesterday, saw something I like -- Disney Princesses bed sheet. I wonder if I should buy it, not for Mira, but for me. Lol.

I whined to Kim on Tuesday about how I couldn't find any Roti John the day before at the Ramadan market near our place. She said the ones at this other place nearest to where we live have better choices. I'm not keen to travel that way. Thinking about parking and going through hoardes of people gives me a pause.

DH said he'd go check it out. He'll get me what I want if he can find it there.

Little did I know, Kim have also asked her husband to buy me 2 loafs as a surprise. Isn't my sister the sweetest? But of course, I suddenly ended up with 4 loafs of Roti John that day. I kept the other 2 in the freezer and reheated it for breaking my fast last night.

For the moment, I had enough of Roti John, thanks.

It's only been the 4th day of Ramadan, but my bosses have decided to close shop on the 3rd day of Raya, so we all can have a longer break. Awesomeness! They made this decision while we're having dinner at Chun's wedding reception.

I have to sort out Raya leave with my assistant soon. I stil haven't decided whether or not to take any extra days off.

Have I told you that my assistant is pregnant? Yeah. She's due in January. I'm so used to having her around now, I'm really not thrilled to think about her being away for 2 months :(

Oh well...