Lisa, Vampires are make-believe, like elves, gremlins and eskimos

This week (for now) will be Homer Simpsons Quotes week. I'll be using those quotes that I like best as my entry title because I am as unoriginal as you can get. Ha!

I am supposed to get some groceries, but I am feigning laziness at the moment. It's just the dressing up part, and then the waiting for the elevators and getting into the car as well as driving out part. Took much work for just a small thing.

I know, I know. I'm just going to a small supermarket not 5 minutes from where I live. I'm just not comfortable with looking too sloppy for even that. I dunno. Blame it on habit, I guess.

I don't know what to have for breaking fast tonight. I have no idea what to cook, neither do I have any inkling as to what to buy from the Ramadan Bazaars. Ooohhh... Roti John and colourful drinks comes to mind. Maybe I'll just have that.

DH being DH, will buy everything he thinks he wants to eat. It'll end up in the fridge for weeks or being thrown out as garbage by moi. He's a weakness of being a glutton that man. There's no stopping him. I can nag, but he'll do it anyway.

And because we've been at it for the past ten-odd years, I'm just going to STFU this time.

Last night, I attended Chun's wedding party at Citron, Bangsar. MrDJ and I planned it so that we'll walk in together. Besides, he wanted me to sign the greeting card. While I was looking for a wedding gift yesterday, he called and saved me from the said task. He found something from Royal Selangor and wanted to see if I wanna share. I said yes without hesitation.

What I didn't bet on was us wearing matching outfit. Lol.

See, Chun told us his party's theme (late 80's) two days beforehand. TWO FREAKIN' DAYS!

I had already made up my mind what to wear weeks before that (we all knew he's planning an August wedding since last year, actually). It was hard to rethink what to wear to suit the theme. I mean, 60's and 70's are not that difficult to put together but late 80's? I was in that era and I have no clue what I'd be wearing back then! :p

Anyway, I just took the main 'points' -- banana clip, loop earings and such. I found this 80's looking black blouse and wore it with my black jeans. I looked like I'm about to go to a rock concert, though. But I did well, I think, because my bosses were all so impressed. Har har. MrDJ came in a black stripped shirt, a black vest and jeans with matching wristband.

But you know what? I shouldn't have bothered because majority of the guests weren't sporting enough to dress up. Ceh. Such spoilsports. They all came wearing cocktail attires. Typical!

We had fun, nonetheless. The food was good, the company great. We stayed until ten, I think and then a bunch of us went to a mamak restaurant for a cup of teh tarik until midnight.