Oh, everything looks bad if you remember it.

I kinda dig parodies, I really do. Especially those based on popular literature. To have a hearty laugh is good for your face muscle, no?

We could say that I'm a fan of the Twilight Saga. I'm not really involved deep into the fandom as I was with Harry Potter, I don't think. Hence, there are certain things that I missed the first time around.

Like how the author has decided to stop writing Midnight Sun (Twilight version from Edward Cullen point of view) because the partial manuscript got leaked illegally a while ago. However, she has now made it available for download via her website. There are 12 or 13 chapters of it, if I'm not mistaken.

I have read it (of course!), and I'm a bit dissapointed that she's not going to complete it in the near future. It's quite refreshing to read Edward's view. He has a warped sense of humour. Even he thought Bella's insane, to the point of thinking perhaps she should be sent to a nut house or something XD

I think it would be interesting to read chapter per chapter of these two books at once. 

Right, back to parodies. After the 'perceived tragedy' by some fans that is Breaking Dawn, you can find spoofs and parodies everywhere. Some are good, some are not quite to my taste.

The first one I discovered was during the time when I was looking for reviews spoilers of the said book. That was before I got my own copy. If you want a snarky summary on Breaking Dawn, you have to read Cleo Linda's take. She also has written up commentaries for the other books in this saga.

Recently though, by a stroke of luck because normally I ignore bulletins from LJ Spotlight, I discovered The Most Popular Book in the World. This is a parody based on Twilight. It's so good and so freakin' funny, I died laughing.

With phrases such as these, how can you not laugh out loud?
I'll consider it with my brain!

Lava-lamp of love.

Hollered holleringly.

Lunch ended abruptly, and we were all sort of going, 'WTF lunch, where did you go?'

I am so going to use the first phrase on a daily basis from now on. Haha! 

What's the story about? It's about a girl named Friggen' Gorgeous or Frig for short, who moved to a town called Spatulas and her infatuation with an alien named Xlormp who's trying to pretend to be human while he plots for world domination. 

Jessica, the writer, posts new chapters every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Go read it. You'll love it! Especially if you have read Twilight. If you haven't read the book, you may want to read it just to compare for the LULZ ;-)