Oh, so they have internet on computers now!

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Recently, I upgraded the Firefox version on my work PC. I kinda like the new features that came with it, but was still unsure if I should do the same for my home PC. There was a small notice that says certain add-ons will not be compatible with the new version, hence my reluctance.

The upgrade window came up again on my home PC on Monday, so I thought I'd see what upgrade available for the add-ons I have installed with this PC's Firefox. Apparently, I don't have a lot add-ons. Lol. Just the Stumbleupon Toolbar, Twitterbar and two themes.

Stumbleupon and this other theme that I hardly use have no compatible updates at the moment. Both Pimpzilla and Twitterbar have their updated versions up now. So, without much hesitation I downloaded the new Firefox.

I really like this new version. If you want to download Firefox version 3.0.1, click here.