Peanuts and Monkeys

I think the best time to start playing the festive tunes would be at least 14 days towards counting down to the actual celebration date. Anything earlier than that just feels weird. Especially for Raya.

For example, this year Jusco started playing the Raya song on the first day of Ramadhan. Seriously, what are they thinking? I haven't even completed my fast for the day y'all, haven't even started to feel the 'pain' of not being able to eat. It felt so strange to hear a song celebrating Syawal that day.

Now though, the songs adds to the excitement of Raya. Even as I'm typing this (the night before this was posted -- I'm schedule posting this entry, btw), I'm listening to them.

I tried to look for a nice song for my Caller Ringtone, but the ones that can be found on Maxis' portal are total crap. Where are the classics sung by the original singers??

Oh, while I was at their website, I saw their mobile internet package and have decided to sign up for the 5MB plan. I've checked my average data usage from previous months before signing up, I only used a maximum of 3MB so far. So 5MB would be more than sufficient for me. It only costs RM8.

Anything beyond that limit, Maxis will charge me 5 sen per kilobytes. The unlimited data plan of RM99 per month is wayyyyy too expensive for me. It's not like I don't have internet at home :p

Speaking of which, the exchange mail server is back up. I is glad. We're back to business as usual. I'm so impressed with the engineer that worked on our case. He's Microsoft Certified Pro y'all. I suspected, so I interviewed him a bit. Hehe. No wonder he knows his stuff.

The other guy, his team mate, submitted their proposal to me today. Their prices are a bit steep, in a sense that if we were to compare what the previous business partner charged us, it's like three times that. I can appreciate it, really. However, Mr G felt differently when I spoke to him briefly about the proposal.

I mean, they really are professionals in this field -- small company, but really solid. At least, we both speak the same language. They don't assume you don't know nuts and neither are they condescending when they try to explain something. And instead of brushing your concern aside, they give you valuable input.

IMHO, the costs compared to the 'nightmare' we had to go through these past week, is justified. There is a saying 'when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys', is there not? Can I throw that to my boss? :p

Now, how am I supposed to make them see it my way? Hmmm....