We're Just About Ready...

We went shopping for Mira's and DH's baju melayu last night after breaking fast. There was a crowd but not too bad.

However, I forgot to take a picture of my baju kurung before we left. Hence, we went into the shops trying to guess what was the exact colour we should be looking for. In all appearance, it looks like we have three different shades of brown. Lol.

I got myself a pair of shoes for Raya. AT LONG LAST! How many months ago now since I started my quest for a new pair of shoes? Ages!

I found it in Vincci at 20% off. The shoe costs less than RM40, thus I is blissfully happy :-)

The next thing I need to sort out is to send the car for service, just in case I managed to get the votes (from DH & Dad) to go for a Raya Roadtrip on the second day. I thought it'd be fun to go down to Malacca and then make our way to PD, as well as Seremban on our way home.

Fun, isn't it. I remembered I hated the whole ordeal when I was in my teen (emo angst teen, that was me). It was really tiring, all the driving and stopping at each relatives houses, that no amount of duit raya can pacify me to enjoy the journey.

Anyway, that's about it I think. Send car for service tomorrow and pick up cake from Nora on Sunday. Oh, as well as to acquire a car battery charger for my phone :-p

We don't want to have my phone die on me when I'm busy taking photos now, do we? Lol.

In case I've gone AWOL for the next couple of days, here's wishing Selamat Hari Raya to you. Maaf zahir batin.

xoxo via N82