When will I learn? The answer to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle, they're on TV!

I took Mira to see Wall-E last Saturday. It seemed Su's not the only one who got turned off by the trailer, but MrDJ too. They were both turned off by the same thing -- Wall-E's voice when he introduced himself.

It was a good show. A little bit disturbing for me, though. Not that it'll scare the kids, you understand. It's still cute, funny, poignant and entertaining nonetheless.

The robots are all very endearing, especially Wall-E. The conservation message was what scares me and made me rethink certain things. This movie is just not about romance, I don't think.

The start of the movie was a little bit eerie. From a far in what appears to be a mist (turned out its smog, y'all) you can see tall buildings. But as the camera zoomed in, you see those tall buildings are actually pile of compacted trash. The place in question was deserted and covered in garbage!

Humans had fled the scene to outer space. What's left are robots called Wall-E, that stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter: Earth class, that was built to clean those pile of junks. The plan was, while the humans are away, these robots will clear the garbage and as soon as the place is clean again, the humans can come back home.

It's been 700 years since and Wall-E was the only one that is still functioning. We see him going through his daily routine alone (with his pet cockroach) and the earth was deserted. It was eerie seeing a place so run down and empty like that. It was like a ghost town.

The movie was focused on Wall-E routine for the first 20-30 minutes. There was no dialogue; you just hear a song that Wall-E recorded in his recorder as well as advertisement blips that was shown in the past along the way. Those adverts somewhat tells a story of what had happened before, how the situation arrived to that point.

Then one day a space ship came and left EVE (for Extra-Terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator), another robot but so much sleeker-looking, to probe around. Eve's directive is to find out if earth is livable again for recolonisation.

Wall-E can't pronounce Eve's name right. It came out as EVA, in his robotic voice, which was really adorable. He took her to his home during a sandstorm (or was it heat storm?) and tried to amuse her with things he found -- mostly knick-knacks of humanity's leftovers, like Rubic Cube, an egg beater, Zippo lighter, bubble wrapper sheet to pop the air out. Lol.

Wall-E likes to collect those things. He also likes to watch old movies, one in particular was 'Hello, Dolly' (the song you first heard). And then he showed Eve something he found recently -- a new growing plant.

Adventures to space ensues for our charming Wall-E. That's when we'll meet what became of humans after living in a space ship; lazy, fat and complacent. They do nothing except lounge around in this reclining floating chair, eat and sleep, have robots to do their bidding and has a communication screen stuck inches from their faces.

You've got to watch the ending yourself, ok.

I've always prefer Pixar's movie compared to the others, and this is no exception. This movie rates high amongst my other Pixar favourites, namely Ratatouille, Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc. I will have to watch this movie again to capture its details. I was a bit distracted by other patrons (mostly kids) in the cinema.

And the movie shorts before Wall-E? Hilarious! I think this is one of the best. It's called Presto & His Hat.

Another must have DVD in my collection! :D