And Shopping, We Went...

I took Mira to her school's fun fair in the afternoon.

Qdees Children's Fun Fair

There were a few game stalls, food stalls and a toy stall. We ate ice creams, and Mira played some games. She managed to score some points and won herself a prize. A pen holder with globe.

We all took a nap after that because it rained. Bliss!

I woke up thinking of Ikea's Swedish meatballs. Thus, I dragged everyone there in the evening for dinner. There was a crowd at the cafeteria when we were there at 8 PM. Their meatballs look to be a popular item.

They're these family tray trolleys, which was heaven sent. What a genius invention! Lol. I wish all cafeteria we go to have those. It made life so easy.

There wasn't a plan to shop anything, but you know you'll never leave Ikea empty handed :p Those small small things you pick and stuff in the yellow bag can end up with a major bill.

Astro has a promotional space at Ikano and they had this huge picture of Bumblebee on stage. Mira wanted to take photo with it, so here it is...

Mira & Her Autobots

Cool huh? It looked so real in this photo. DH wants me to frame it so Mira can keep it in her room. Hehe. I wish Optimus Prime was there. DH said he's at The Curve.