Bite Me!

This morning I was stopped by Mira's class teacher. She wanted to see me to hand over two (ONLY) photos of Mira from their recent concert. She took the liberty to order it for us when Mira was out of school last two weeks ago.

Incidentally, I also wanted to see her to submit our orders for the video and the studio shots.

To conclude our business, we had to go down to the Headmistress office. Just as we reached the ground floor, we heard a girl's scream. It sounded like as if it came from her class. We went ahead to the office anyway which was just a few step away from the staircase.

Then we heard the girl crying. Mrs Singam (the Mistress) wondered what has happened and who was crying up there.

Just as we're about to quickly wrap thing up, we saw a congregation of school kids (all of them are Mira's classmates) came down the staircase, including the crying girl. Two of them reported to Teacher Uma what transpired; another was with the crying girl.

It turned out, one of their classmates had bitten the girl's arm. Lol. The girl's rather chubby, and I think her friend must have find her too irresistible.

I find it rather amusing because it reminded me of an incident that involved me and Merry. She had bitten my arm for no reason, during BM subject class one day. I can't remember what she was 'geram'-ing about, because I assured you, I wasn't as fat then as I am now :p But bit my arm she did.

We both were punished by the teacher (because I screamed in shock... as well as pain :p) -- we had to stand on the table for the whole period. Lol!

And mind you, we're seventeen at that time! Ha!