Breaking Out Into A Song

It has been a rather tiring day. After we got back from Mira's follow up appointment with Dr Marge, we were asked to go visit my aunt at a hospital. I had a date to meet the Selamba team for dinner this afternoon.

I quickly sent my apologies before I packed a few things and off we went down to my hometown. We got back after Maghrib and straight went to the supermarket to pick up a few things.

Just finished watching High School The Musical 3. It's a nice end to the other two movies. Although, I feel like in this movie, they break out into song more often here. Lol.

I can't wait to get my hands on its DVD box set :)

Anyhow, I left The Sims running (on pause) while I watch the movie and suddenly, I heard the PC shutdown itself after an auto system update. I don't think the last few Sims hours got saved, though. I hope I didn't lose any important events.

The two kids are a Junior now, going to become Seniors soon. It feels oh-so-long for them to go through this Uni cycle. Each term is worth 72 Sims hours with each year (Freshman, Sophomore, Jr, Sr) has two terms. You do the math.