Cutting It Too Close

Yikes, nearly missed today's post there, didn't I? I thought I'd include a video at the end of this, but I've been trying to upload said video onto YouTube to no avail. Keep getting the 'Page Load Error'. Dunno what's so difficult about it!

Anyway, yesterday Dad have asked me to look for a basic and easy-to-use mobile phone for him. His other retired friends are making a joke at how he's the only one without a phone. Peer pressureeeee... Lol!

I brought home some brochures today and recommended two types of phone for him to choose. He opted for the LG KF310. It was either that or Nokia 3120 Classic.

I have been thinking of giving him a sub-line number under the Family plan but I'm not sure if he has any use of it. My dad hardly goes out, see. But now that he has a need for it, kinda help firmed the idea for me. He was just thinking of buying a prepaid pack.

So off I went to Maxis at The Gardens after dinner just now (sebab mak kiasu and tak menyempat-yempat), to register for another phone line to my account. I also purchased the LG phone and am now setting it up for him. He should be able to use it tomorrow.

Hope he's happy with the phone. One fun thing about it is that Mira will be able to make video calls to her Atuk now. Teehee. Thank goodness all charges between my number and his are free. Woot!



Anonymous said…
Uols.. skang kelas kan, atuk dah boleh bervideo conferencing dengan cucu.. very the techno savvy. my dad skang sker ber MMS gitu gambar cucu2 dia..

Larawannabe said…
sejak boleh vidcall ni kan, after dinner je he'll call my phone. macam la tadi tak jumpa uols. haha.