End of Week One

  1. I passed the first week's hurdle. Couldn't believe I actually managed to post something seven days straight! Lol.

  2. I felt really down about my Ipoh trip. Not that I'm blaming Mira, you understand. I was just a lil' bit disappointed because I was really looking forward to it.

  3. And there's the cake -- the not being able to eat it. Do you know how difficult it was to track down the bakery's phone number? Ahhh.... so near, and yet so far. Huhu.

  4. I managed to catch a cold btw, but what do I expect when I was held up in a hospital? With my weaken state of defense because I was down + unhappy + worried, it was just too easy to catch anything.

  5. Is tomorrow Monday already? :(

Good night y'all!



i hope mira is ok. eh, got one more space to ipoh for next trip tak? hehehhe...
Larawannabe said…
gottttt. mari mari ke ipoh! :)