Every Click, A Surprise

The best laid plan was thwarted by the Missy's sudden asthma attack. So here we are, in a hospital ward, yet again. We've been here since three this morning.

We're nowhere near Ipoh. And I don't think we'll be able to attend tomorrow's party either. Mira's Dr Marge wants to keep her at least until tomorrow evening.

She has also prescribed the use of inhaler for Mira, seeing that her attack is usually rather sudden and it escalates quickly. At least with the inhaler, we'll be able to help ease her condition whenever she has an episode.

As for the cake, MC and I had to cancel our orders. Fortunately, demand for the cake are good enough that the baker didn't give me any grief over our cancellation. We ordered two each ok. Lol.

And Nasi Ganja? Next time too, then.



Anonymous said…
yuhuu dear,

How's Mira? hope she is much better now.. am disappointd about Ipoh, but then nak buat mcm mana.. maybe next time.. as long as mira is ok..

anyways, just got back from zz's birthday party.. the lamb damn nice! huhu

Larawannabe said…
i'm disappointed too. we'll try again some other day lah.

there's lamb? oh, melepasnye saya! haha.