For The First Time Ever...

I am not looking forward to Friday. It won't be a 'TGIF' day for me, no sirree. I was given a deadline by Mr G to roll out the Exchange migration thingy, and it is tomorrow. Boohoo!

Anyway, the school is out. Mira has a 'last day of school' party this morning. I let her wore her princess dress and bought some donuts to share with her classmates. I just spoke to Dad, said she brought back lots of sweets.

There's no school tomorrow for Mira but there's a Parents-Teacher meet that I have to attend in the morning. I have to let my boss know I'll be in a little bit later.

There was a hold up at the entrance of The Garden's car park this morning. This eff-ing lady's season parking card couldn't or wouldn't work, I dunno. Normally, we'll just grab a ticket and sort it out later with the Car park Department.

But not her. I'm not sure what's her issue with it, but she refused to move and then later, wanted to back out from the gates. Hello, can you not see the long queue behind you?? Stupid bitch.

Luckily, this car in front of me managed to squeezed his car between this other car in front of him, thus giving me way to move forward. I used the other entrance to get into P3, but it took awhile to find my way anyhow. Sigh.

On the way to my office block, I saw the queue getting longer spilling over the main road up above. Lol. Such a nuisance.

That's it for today. I managed to play The Sims for 2 hours, I think, last night. It's a bit boring though because I'm playing the 'University' scenario. Nothing interesting happened other than this one Sims worked hard and managed to get herself on to the Dean's list.

However, this other slacking Sims I purposely created also got the same results. Eventhough, we hardly goes to class and completed his assignment. How lah?