Hey Edward, Wanna Know How Much Do I Love Thee?

Well, let me count the ways. But first... Total crap! The scene below?

They cut just as their lips met. Damnation (I am SO gonna look for the DVD now). It's the first kiss scene y'all. How could they cut it? How would non-readers know how careful Edward was or how lost Bella was in this kiss? How would they understand the depth of control Edward has because Bella's blood is so irresistible to him? She's his brand of heroine after all, but alas, you non-readers (might I add 'in Malaysia'?) wouldn't be able to witness the sweetness of this scene.

Thus, the connection Bella and Edward has, their relationship -- felt flat.

Other than that, the movie was as good as I expected it to be. It's very truthful to the book. One of the closest adaptation of a book I've seen so far. Most of the major scenes and lines are in it.

However, if you haven't read the book, some things won't make sense to you because it wasn't explained much. If you're a fan of the book and haven't decided whether to go watch it or not -- just go already!

Enjoy the movie as it is. Nothing can beat the book, of course.

After the jump, the things I'm going to write contains SPOILERS. Stop if you haven't read the book, or watched the movie. Unless you don't mind. Or, you have no plans to do either and just wanna read through this entry, then forge ahead.

Robert Pattinson as Edward? *swoons / fans self / swoon again* He is rather versatile, I think because I can not see any trace of Cedric Diggory or Toby Jugg in his acting. He becomes Edward. Or Edward becomes him? Hmm...

Kristen Stewart gave Bella a little bit more toughness. And less whiny. Less whiny is good. Bella in the books was way too whiny to a point you wanted to slap her silly.

I wasn't convinced when Billy Burke got casts as Charlie (Bella's dad). In my mind, Charlie is someone like John Mahoney. But I suppose he's too old to be Bella's dad. We know that Bella's parents married young.

The rest of the Cullens were awesome. My other favourite Cullen in the book would be Alice and Ashley Greene was perfect! I looooove her! Although, I feel it's a bit corny to see her twirl in the school's cafeteria. Lol.

I'm some what bummed that, apart from Rosalie, the other Cullens were given limited lines to recite. Where's the 'She's not one of us' from Emmett that I saw in one of the earlier trailers? I want to see more of them, too. But I guess, that'll make this movie Midnight Sun la pulak. Haha.

We were only introduced to Billy and Jacob Black of The Quileutes. We weren't introduced to the two blokes that accompanied Jacob in La Push. If you haven't read the book, you wouldn't know that the one who spoke about the Cullens was Sam Uley.

I haven't a clue who was the other guy with them, though.

For the nomadic vampires; James was super sexy, in a 'vampire evil' way. If the Cullens are all pretty, James was totally hot. Victoria was cool, too. Fierce but cool. Laurent was... ummm... not bad. Not bad at all. I can't wait to see how he is in New Moon :)

The humans... ahhh... Mike Newton was cute. Jessica was a tad too friendly and happy. Not as spiteful, unlike in the book. Case in point, the time when she saw Edward was with Bella when they went into town together. She's supposed to be incredulous about it. Not 'OMG Edward likes you I'm happy for you!' with fan girl squee to boot.

Angela was quite close to her character in the book too, although, she didn't appear to be as shy. Eric was totally off. Too cheesy lah. He can be your best gay friend, though. I didn't see much of Tyler as a character, just that he's there visually in the movie.

Scenes in the movie that I like:
  • The movie started with a voice narrative by Bella, reciting the preface from the book.
  • When the Cullens entered the cafeteria. Oh my word! I want to be a part of that clan, can?
  • The part where Edward came to rescue Bella in his Volvo - phwoar!
  • The first time Edward brought Bella home to meet his family.
  • The vampire baseball -- it's like seeing Quidditch for the first time y'all!
  • The tension felt between Edward and Rosalie during James/Bella crisis. You can feel the bitchy-ness oozing from Rosalie. I like!
  • Scenes from the ballet studio (James is one sexy beast -- pun intended).

Scenes that I find lacking in some ways:
  • I felt the relationship between Bella and Edward was a bit too fast. And flat. No sparks, no depth, no tension.
  • The way Bella discovered Edward's a vampire was too jumbled. I don't understand how she came to the conclusion that he's a vampire, if I haven't already know about it. Not enough clues to point that way. Maybe it's because certain events that lead to her discovery (in the book) have been omitted.
  • I thought the vampires speed are faster?
  • Not much highlight on Edward's special power as well as the other Cullens.
  • I don't like Edward's Volvo in this movie :p
  • The after Edward rescue Bella scene, when they're in his Volvo, was too short and too fast. It gave me a 'Eh, that's it?' moment, because there was more in the book. Sigh.

That's my take on the first viewing of the Twilight movie. I'm planning to watch it again because I cannot get enough of the Cullens. Maybe for another 2-3 times more. Hehe.



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