\haw-rip-uh-LAY-shuhn; ho-\, noun:
the act or process of the hair bristling on the skin, as from cold or fear; goose flesh

In other words, goose bumps or goose pimples as they say it in 1889. I have used this word (goose bumps, not horripilation) a lot once I picked it up by reading. That was way back when I was in my early teens. I was a bit perplexed when a friend who just came back from the States said she never knew 'people' here use that word, too.

I seem to encounter this 'problem', eh? -- or whatever you may want to call it. I think this incident would be my first whilst the second would be the 'cathartic' one (as I blogged about it a long time ago).

It's either because I'm the exception or they're the ignorant ones. Lol.

While I'm typing this, Mr G is currently decorating the office with Christmas-sy stuff. They brought in the tree (live one no less) this morning and I see he bought more decorating lights for the ceiling and baubles for said tree. I'll take a picture of it once it's all done.

Our Christmas dinner this year should fall on the 19th next month. I'm supposed to start organizing it. We're not going to use the previous caterers this year. I need to make it a point to check out the other restaurants around this area to see if they've a special menu for it.

On the other hand, San Francisco Coffee and Bread Story at North Court Megamall has closed down its stores. These two lots will soon be replaced by an upmarket Mamak restaurant.

Steven's (and I'm assuming it's the same popular one?) will be opening their branch here. They're renovating the two spaces as we speak! It'll be called Steven's Tea Garden.

Posh or what?